A little bit about me...

My happy place is full of big ideas and and even bigger laughs. “Wouldn't it be great if…” is the most common phrase I say followed up by a wild idea. Connecting with others is my passion and learning about what lights them up is a rewarding and creative journey. I can be an enthusiast on just about any topic, so let's connect!

Me in bullets:

  • Self appointed social director, on duty at all times.
  • Nature lover awaiting the next magical wildlife moment. 
  • Optimistic, Passionate, Enthusiastic (at least that's what my word cloud said)
  • On a quest to capture and harness the inspirational sparks that strike out of nowhere. Trying to avoid the real ones - fireworks come to me. 

Born a kid model to a commercial photographer, early life was about pretending the lens wasn't there. Our family vacations were stock photography adventures! Eventually, I grew an extra appendage (my Dad's retired Nikkormat film camera) and I used it to document life...and also accidentally expose lots of canisters of film.

Now that I'm an adult, I still show up behind the lens (a digital one) showcasing the heart and soul of budding entrepreneurs and small businesses. Hire me for an enjoyable connection session plus we’ll get some social images, portraits, and magic moments that you can use to showcase the heart of your work.

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